What are you saying to your customers?

A host of a local radio talk show has a squeaky chair. Having a squeaky chair in a typical office may not be a bid deal outside the fact that it may bother your cubicle neighbors. However, if your whole audience can hear your squeaky chair, it is a big deal. To me it says, “We do not care enough to add a little WD40 (or get a new chair) to stop that annoying squeaking sound on the air.” What might you be saying to your customers that may be a bigger deal than you think?


3 Responses

  1. Right on.

    Your point is similar to the “broken windows” theory: “ignoring the little problems — graffiti, litter, shattered glass — creates a sense of irreversible decline that leads people to abandon the community or to stay away”

  2. “Broken windows” are certainly a deterent, but it shocks me how many salesman and professionals get it wrong in an even bigger sense. If you really want to show your customer, partner or vendor how much you care about their patronage or relationship, return phone calls as soon as possible. E-mail back quickly, even if it is just an acknowledgement that you’ll respond in greater detail later. Respond with a sense of urgency.

    It won’t matter if you nail down all the little things — WD40, broken windows – if you can’t get the big stuff right first.

  3. Great comments! My feeling is if you miss on the big stuff, you’ll soon be out of business. If you get the big stuff right but miss the small stuff, you’re left competing among the many ‘good enough’ companies. If you get the big stuff and small stuff right, you have a remarkable company that will get noticed.

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