Passions that become work

Most of us have a passion for something. Passions are something that we want to do so that we can have an escape from the other things that we have to do. But what happens when our passions become work?

Growing up I use to love to play basketball. I was not necessarily the first one chosen in a pick up game, but it was something that I enjoyed. Then, all of life’s little “have to dos” came at me fast – learning to balance a checkbook, change a baby’s diaper, learning the difference between a hub cap and a distributor cap (I know…I am ashamed to admit that I am auto-mechanically challenged). I found less and less time for my passion…basketball.

Well, I played basketball with my buddies the other day. Because it had been such a long time since I played, I had to really work at it. I longed to slump into my la-Z-boy and I found myself relieved when it was all over. How did my passion turn into dreaded work? The answer: I let too much time pass between each time I participated.

Why did you start that business / marry that girl / begin writing that book in the first place? I bet it was passion. Don’t let too much time pass before doing the things you love.


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