Mainstreaming the Ford Mustang Brand?

Autoweek reports that the Ford executives held a secret meeting last fall and discussed making a sedan and a wagon version of the now famed muscle car, the Ford Mustang. Reportedly, the Ford execs wanted a “strategy to take the legendary Mustang mainstream”. Brand Managers really need to be careful and defend their brands when “the suits” use words like “mainstream”, especially with a revered, niche-brand.

Wikipedia defines “mainstream” as:

      – something that is ordinary or usual;

I would dare say that many men (and women) have drooled over the Ford Mustang. It is a thing of beauty and prestige. If we start seeing a Ford Mustang Wagon, than that is what the Ford Mustang brand will become..ordinary and usual (death for most brands). A car/book/church that tries to satisfy everyone by going mainstream often only succeeds in satisfying no one.

One Response

  1. No wagons please. Remember when the Corvette was made available as a vette around the late seventies or early eighties. DUD

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